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The starfruit is a crop that can naturally be found on Buffalkor Island and Wizard Island, although it possesses a higher chance of spawning at Wizard Island. The chance to obtain a starfruit seed from starfruit plants on Wizard Island or Buffalkor Island is 4%.


Like most other crops, Starfruit can only be grown on farmland. It takes 5 minutes and 50 seconds for starfruit to grow without the use of fertilizers or sprinklers. Starfruit totems can also be used to automate starfruit production. Using sprinklers and fertilizers as a combo increases Starfruit production rapidly. Even though oily starfruit exists, there is no way to obtain it.


Crafting ingredient

Image Name Recipe Crafting station Required skill
Regen Potion Render 2000x2000.png Regen Potion 1 Starfruit
1 Red Mushroom
1 Empty Potion Bottle
Brewing Stand Level 40 Cooking
Uncooked Starfruit Cake Render 2000x2000.png Uncooked Starfruit Cake 4 Dough
8 Starfruit
Cooking Table
Food Processor
Level 52 Cooking


Eating a starfruit restores 20 HP.


Starfruits can be sold to Tom for 60 coins each.


July 11, 2020 Starfruit Render 2000x2000.png Added starfruits.
July 17, 2020 Starfruits are now edible.
January 15, 2022 Increased the sell price of starfruits from 45 coins to 60 coins.


  • Although the existence of oily starfruit in the game's code implies that it gets oily on conveyors, starfruit cannot get oily.
  • Starfruit (also called 'carambola'), is a tree (Averrhoa carambola) in real life, rather than a patch growing on the ground.
    • Also, starfruit in Islands is only a slice of a real carambola.
  • Upon its release, starfruit weren't edible. This was changed in the July 17, 2020 update.
  • This is one of the slowest growing crops in the game, the slowest being the Cactus.
  • Players can't get extra starfruit seeds from their own islands.