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Fishing is the process of using a fishing rod to obtain items, usually fish.

Catching fish

A pond in the Hub where fish can be caught.

In order to fish, the player must use a fishing rod to cast the line into a pond. It does not matter if the player is on land or in water.

The bobber must be close to the fish.

After a few seconds the fish will start swimming towards the bobber. When the fish starts bubbling (seen from particles and sound), a UI will appear above the player's hotbar where they must keep a red block within a certain area until the yellow progress bar reaches the end. If the player fails to fill the bar within 25 seconds, the fish will disappear and the rod will reel itself in.

Fishing speed

Bait, candy apples, and orange honeycombs can be crafted and used to speed up the player's Fishing Speed by 15% (tier 1 bait, orange honeycomb) or 25% (tier 2 bait, candy apple).

List of possible catches

Name Rods Rarity
Wooden Iron
Salmon Yes Yes Common
Trout Yes Yes Common
Carp Yes Yes ?
Catfish Yes Yes ?
Red Snapper Yes Yes Common
Blue Tang Yes Yes Common
Clownfish Yes Yes Common
Tilapia No Yes Uncommon
Grouper No Yes Uncommon
Tuna No Yes ?
Eel No Yes Uncommon
Swordfish No Yes Rare
Spirit Fish Yes Yes Uncommon
Puffer Fish Yes Yes Uncommon
Shark Yes Yes Rare
Infernal Fish Yes Yes ?

List of possible treasures

Name Rods Rarity
Wooden Iron
Seaweed Yes Yes Uncommon
5 Aquamarine Shard Yes Yes Uncommon
Basic Fertilizer Yes Yes Uncommon
Tier 1 Bait Yes Yes Uncommon
Pearl No Yes Rare
Crystallized Aquamarine No Yes Rare
Seaweed Seeds No Yes Rare
Propeller No Yes Legendary

Fishing locations

Bodies of water that can be used for fishing exists on the following islands:



  • Seaweed seeds are the only seeds that can be obtained through fishing.
  • In all servers, the amount of fish in a body of water is determined by the amount of players in and around that body of water.
  • As of May 13, 2022, fish tank blueprints can no longer be fished.
  • Basic fertilizer is referred to as "Fertilizer" when fished.
  • Blue tang is referred to as "Royal Blue Tang" when fished.
  • Puffer fish is referred to as "Pufferfish" when fished.
  • From May 13, 2022 to May 14, 2022, fishing basic fertilizer would not reward the player any item.
    • In the same time period, fish-related quests given by Azur and Odlum could not be completed.